Greece’s adjustment problem

Keynes knew it was hard for a country to adjust to changing financial circumstances and to correct for its external imbalances. A commentary by Vladimir Gligorov read more

wiiw expert Vasily Astrov comments on the effectiveness of EU sanctions against Russia

In a video blog, Astrov argues that EU sanctions had a minor impact on the Russian economy and indirectly fostered nationalism and anti-western sentiments. read more

Recent Publications


What Determines SMEs’ Funding Obstacles to Bank Loans and Trade Credits?

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Recovery in the NMS, Decline in the CIS

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Monthly Report No. 6/2015

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Upcoming Events

02  July 2015    10:00 am

Presentation of latest growth forecast for Central, East and Southeast Europe (CESEE) with special focus on Austria’s economic relations with CESEE

Western CESEE countries in the ascendant

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09  July 2015    5:00 pm

Matthias Morys, Lecturer in Economic History at the University of York (UK)

Any lessons for today? Exchange-rate stabilisation in Greece and South-East Europe between European aspirations and economic reality, 1870-1939

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16  July 2015    4:00 pm

Katerina Lisenkova, National Institute of Economic and Social Research, UK

The Long-Term Economic Impact of Reducing Migration in the UK

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Projects in Focus

Strategic Study on Labour Mobility in the Context of the South East Europe 2020 Strategy

Client: Regional Cooperation Council (RCC)
Duration: April 2014 - January 2015 read more

Research Centre International Economics (Forschungsschwerpunkt Internationale Wirtschaft, FIW)

Client: Austrian Ministry of Economy, Family and Youth
Duration: October 2006 - February 2015 read more