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Bulgaria goes to the polls for the third time in 2021 - 23 Sep 2021

Efforts to form a new government in Bulgaria failed. Whether a snap election in November will resolve the political stalemate remains unclear. read more

Escape from Afghanistan: The EU needs a new strategy - 14 Sep 2021

Europe must learn the lessons of the 2015 refugee crisis. Aid on the ground, a crisis response capacity and migration partnerships should form a new policy. read more

Corona reveals potential vulnerabilities in global supply chains - 28 Jul 2021

One third of Austria's and the EU's non-European imports are vulnerable to shocks. Especially for high-tech and medical goods Europe is dependent on ‘Factory Asia’, in particular China. read more

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To Grow or Not to Grow: Belarus and Lithuania

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Heterogeneous Effects of Non-tariff Measures on Cross-border Investments: Bilateral Firm-level Analysis

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Monthly Report No. 9/2021

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Upcoming Events

30  September 2021    3:00 pm CEST

In cooperation with Research Centre International Economics (FIW).

Tomasz Geodecki, Cracow University of Economics (Poland)

The Domestication of value chains. Can the Visegrád Group countries benefit from the Chinese experience?

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07  October 2021    3:00 pm CEST

In cooperation with Research Centre International Economics (FIW).

Konstantin M. Wacker, University of Groningen (Netherlands)

Growing imbalances of cross-border investment incomes: A ‘Fault Line’ in the Eurozone?

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14  October 2021    4:00 pm CEST

In cooperation with Research Centre International Economics (FIW).

Simone Vannuccini, University of Sussex Business School (UK)

Market Selection in Global Value Chains

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20  October 2021    10:00 am CEST

Die aktuelle Wirtschaftsprognose 2021-2023

Online-Pressekonferenz Herbstprognose Osteuropa

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20  October 2021    4:00 pm CEST

The latest economic forecasts for 2021-2023

wiiw Autumn Economic Forecast for Eastern Europe

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03  November 2021    4:00 pm CET

In cooperation with Oesterreichische Nationalbank.

Sir Partha Dasgupta, Professor of Economics, University of Cambridge

SAVE THE DATE: Global Economy Lecture on Economics of Biodiversity

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04  November 2021    3:00 pm CET

In cooperation with Research Centre International Economics (FIW).

Roman Hoffmann, International Institute for Applied Systems Analysis (Austria)

Climate Change and Internal Migration: Evidence from Global Census Data

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Project in Focus

Growth and productivity accounts - Capital productivity and multi-factor productivity

Client: Eurostat
Duration: July 2019 - December 2021 read more